Learning to write (better)

Writing is something we do every day, in all sorts of forms: emails, letters, press releases, memos, blogs, tweets, articles (some of them technical), announcements… and that goes for businesses, NGOs, governments and individuals too. While society may be saturated with visual messages, effective and targeted writing remains an art form. Indeed, we’re besieged by an excess of information.

Good writing is always about finding the right tone, reflecting on the right messages, and doing so in a way that’s as brief and as powerful as possible.

Frank Van Oss has worked in communication for decades and is adept at sharpening any kind of message. He provides advice on writing high-quality texts, with an eye on overall strategy, and teaches a course using exercises based on his clients’ reality.

Before training begins, participants submit their own texts, or texts they want to work on. Or they might be assigned a specific text to write. All the material is projected onto a screen and the trainer talks participants through it, indicates where there are problems and invites them to propose their own solutions. This is how you really learn: a course with lasting results.

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