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Masterclass Communication 30 or 31 august 2023

Have you always wanted to communicate like a true professional? Then come to Frank Van Oss' Masterclass on communication 30 and 31 August 2023 in Brussels.

You can choose which day you assist. The day will consist of two parts: in the morning, we will practise getting through a critical interview, with all the tips and tricks you need. You will learn why you need to start from reality and how to analyse a given situation. You will also learn how not to answer a question. In the afternoon, you will learn everything you need to know about giving a good presentation or speech. PowerPoint presentations will also be thoroughly checked and finetuned if necessary.

You will get strong insights and simple recipes that everyone can apply: the eighty-per-cent-rule, the four ways to prove something, the killing example, ... But also: why the captive audience does not exist and how to do something about it. And what the real importance of body language is....

His long experience of more than 40 years makes Frank Van Oss an experienced coach to train and guide participants. We always work with the camera to make the situation as authentic as possible. Participants will receive the video footage afterwards. Frank always starts from the content: what makes what you have to say unique?


09:30 Reception with coffee
09:45 Introduction
10:00 First filmed exercise: presentation of the organisation you work for
10:30 Repetition of the first exercise based on feedback.
11:00 Theory of the interview: the dos and don’ts
11:30 Second filmed exercise: the critical interview
12:00 Third filmed exercise: the critical interview based on the feedback.
12:30 Sandwich lunch
13:00 Theory of speech/presentation: the dos and don’ts
13:30 Evaluation of participants' presentations
14:15 Fourth filmed exercise: giving a mini-speech, prepared on the spot
15:15 Fifth filmed exercise: giving a presentation
16:00 Sixth filmed exercise: choice of participants
16:15 Evaluation and feedback
16:30 End

Cost: 700 euros excluding VAT. This includes the Masterclass, handouts of the presentations, receiving the personal video footage via email, coffee and sandwich meal. Questions? or 0492 046 777

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